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Upper secondary school


The upper secondary school Mönsteråsgymnasiet

After graduation 9th grade, most Swedish students continue to upper secondary school. Students apply to programmes of their own interest and are accepted due to their grades.

Mönsteråsgymnasiet is a modern upper secondary school, where each student is given a personal mentor who gives counseling and support during the education.

The school uses a pupil-active pedagogy, and all students have a lap top at their disposal for their education.

The entrance to Mönsteråsgymnasiet

The entrance to Mönsteråsgymnasiet

The upper secondary school Mönsteråsgymnasiet offers programmes in Technology, Natural Science, Social studies, Commerce and Administration, Child welfare, Nursing training and programmes for Individual Choices.

All programmes on Mönsteråsgymnasiet cooperate with the local business life, as well as international contacts and projects with schools in other Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

Last controlled: 2018-09-27.

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