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Trade & Industry

Representatives from Mönsterås kommun visiting Elmia Trade Fair

Representatives from Mönsterås kommun visiting Elmia Trade Fair

A flourishing corporate economic climate greatly affects the local community. The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise's annual ranking of the Swedish corporate economic climate lists Mönsterås municipality at number one.

Mönsterås is known for having a large number of companies active in such widely different trades as forest industry and information technology.

Within the municipality there are about 1 200 companies, 100 of which are manufacturing companies. 

The pulp mill Mönsterås Bruk

The pulp mill Mönsterås Bruk

There are also a lare number of service companies.

The administration of Mönsterås

In order to strengthen the enterprising spirit, the municipality runs its own company Mönsterås Utvecklings AB (MUAB, translates to Mönsterås' Development Ltd).

The object of MUAB is to initiate projects for facilitating the creation of new companies, and to support existing companies in various ways. MUAB assists in questions of establishment and leases out premises.

Establishment and industrial estates

The municipality of Mönsterås offers planned industrial estates in all population centres. If you are interested in establishment within our municipality, please contact MUAB, phone number 0499-174 99.



Industries, business and commerce

Mönsterås Bruk

Mönsterås Bruk is the largest producer in the world of paper pulp without chloride chemicals.

75 per cent of the total production of 750 000 tons is delivered to various European paper mills. The mill employ nearly 500 people.

By the mill is also Mönsteråssågen, the sawmill, with a capacity of 250 000 cubic metres of sawed goods and almost 100 employees.

Out of the forest

Within the municipality, there are a number of furniture manufacturers with products ranging from complete lecture halls, office chairs, to period furniture designed by Carl Malmsten.

Another speciality is organ building, where the wood and handicraft know-how of the district, combined with the musical interest, comes in handy.

Service Trade

The municipality administration has lately invested efforts in facilitating the establishment of service producing firms. The successful result is that companies offering i.e. advisory service in health care, technical support and personnel development recently started their business in Mönsterås.


IT is an expanding area of late, and there is peak competence in the development of base station antennae as well as in the production of Internet web pages.

Other existing trades of industry are foundry; sandwich products, mainly for lorry bodies; tool manufacturing; foam plastic; sewage treatment equipment; control equipment, and art pottery, where Gabriel-Keramik AB designs and produces original products.

It is a family business which develops, manufactures and markets pottery of stoneware and supply glazed tiles to the tile stove market in Scandinavia. The factory is situated in Timmernabben and each year its shop is visited by more than 100 000 people.

Working together

The understanding that co-operation is important and promotes all parties, has resulted in about 20 engineering companies coming together to form an economical association with a co-ordination in purchasing, marketing and staff training.

Tilka Trading AB proves that it is possible to run a major trading business, within a very large geographical area from a location outside the big city regions.

Commercial trade

There is also a flourishing commercial trade in Mönsterås municipality and along Storgatan, the main street in Mönsterås, you will find everything from lingerie shops to wallpaper and furniture. The municipality's business community has a bright outlook, thanks to simplified council administration and short lead times. Throughout the municipality you will also find local art and genuine historic places of interest around every corner.

Last controlled: 2017-09-06.

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