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Social care


The Social Services Office gives support to children and young people as well as their families, in difficult circumstances, and works with counseling and supportive measures for drug addicts and mentally disabled persons.

You should turn to the Social Services Office if you are in need of financial assistance or treatment for an addictive problem, or if you suspect that a child is being mistreated and needs protection.

The patio on Allégården

The patio on nursing home Allégården

You can also get information and counseling on issues concerning child custody and access as well as residency.

The Social Services Office is also responsible for nursing care and service for the elderly and people with disabilities.


Children, young people and family care centre 

Front desk, phone number 0499-178 19

For emergencies after office hours, contact the Police, phone number 114 14

Elderly care

Blomstermåla and Fliseryd, phone number 0499-173 84

Northern parts of Mönsterås, phone number 0499-173 86

Southern parts of Mönsterås, phone number 0499-173 87

Ålem and Timmernabben, phone number 0499-173 85

Last controlled: 2018-03-19.

Mönsterås kommun, Kvarngatan 2, Box 54, 383 22 Mönsterås, E-mail: Phone:+46(0)499-170 00 Fax:+46(0)499-179 00