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Political organization

The entrance to the Municipality Office

The entrance to the Municipality Office

Since the 2014 muncicipal election, the mandates of the Municipality of Mönsterås political organization are distributed as follows:

  • Centre Party (Centerpartiet) 20
  • Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterna) 17
  • Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) 4
  • Moderate Party (Moderaterna) 2
  • Christian Democrats (Kristdemokraterna) 1
  • Left Party (Vänsterpartiet) 1
  • Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) 1
    Meeting with the Building Committee

    Meeting with the Building Committee

  • Green Party (Miljöpartiet) 1
The municipal assembly

Mönsterås’ municipal assembly, the highest decision making body, has 49 members and 29 deputies. The assembly meet nine or ten times a year.

The municipal assembly makes decisions in general policy issues such as budget goals. One important condition for governance is the right to decide the level of local taxation and the right to levy taxes.

The municipal executive board

Below the municipal assembly, is the municipal executive board. The municipal executive board's task is to oversee and follow up these decisions.

The municipal executive board has 13 members, who meet eleven or twelve times a year. Chair of the municipal executive board is Roland Åkesson.

The municipal committees

In addition to the municipal executive board there are seven municipal committees.

They are political decision-making bodies for specific departmental concerns such as planning permission and detailed planning, schools and education, the environment and elderly care etc.

  • Building Committee
  • Children and Education Committee
  • Culture Committee
  • Election Committee
  • Environment Committee
  • Leisure Committee
  • Social Services Committee
Elections to the municipal assembly

General elections to parliament, the municipal assembly and the county council are held at the same time every four years. Inhabitants who are registered or own property in the municipality, are its members, and are allowed to vote.

For more information, please contact the municipality secretary Birgitha Freij, phone number 0499 171 20.

Last controlled: 2017-09-06.

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