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Better life style prospects

Appartments by the harbour

All kinds of living facilities are available within Mönsterås municipality. There are picturesque houses and modern bungalows in all the villages around the municipality.

Attractive housing at favourable costs

The municipality of Mönsterås, with its coastal area, living countryside and population centres, can offer attractive housing surroundings.

Building a house

The cost level for the various housing forms is advantageous, compared to the levels in larger population centres in Sweden.

Lots and houses for sale

There are several available lots and houses for sale in each population centre in the municipality, in the location of your choice – with the convenience of being near the city centre, schools and shopping, or more quietly by the coast or inland.

For more information about houses for sale, please contact a real estate agent.

The Planning and Building Office handle the sale of lots and property for construction of private homes, leisure time living and company buildings.

Apartments for rent

The municipal housing cooperative Mönsterås Bostäder offer apartments for long time rentings. Their new apartments in the Mönsterås harbour area with a view of  the sea, can be a firstclass alternative for exclusive and central living.

Last controlled: 2018-03-19.

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