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Child care

You apply for preschool maximum four months before you want your child to attend.

Preschool for ages 1 to 5

There are several preschools for children between 1 to 5 years in the Municipality of Mönsterås. The preschools care for and educate the children while their parents are at work or in school. Children of unemployed or on parental leave are entitled to 15 hours per week.

  • Mönsterås: Blåklockan, Lammet, Eken, Galaxen and Kometen
  • Fliseryd: Fliseryds förskola
  • Blomstermåla: Blomman
  • Timmernabben: Skutan
  • Ålem: Loket
Leisure centres for ages 6-12

Leisure centres are for children 6-12 years old, who attend school, but needs child care during the time of day when they are off from school but the parents are working or studying. Leisure centers are integrated in the school buildings.

  • Mönsterås: Hasselbacken, Ljungbacken, Skogsviolen, Fjällviolen
  • Fliseryd: Villan
  • Blomstermåla: Linnean och Björkdungen
  • Timmernabben: Jollen and Hamnen
  • Ålem: Skyttes fritids och Stinsen
Night and weekend care

In Mönsterås, there is one preschool that accepts children aged 1-12, whose parents work evenings, nights and weekends.

  • Mönsterås: Galaxen
Other educational activities

In the municipality, there is also two private preschools and in Ålem, there is a parent cooperative preschool. There are also child minders who care for and educate children in their own homes.

Last controlled: 2018-03-19.

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