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Emigrate to Mönsterås

Harbour promenade in Mönsterås

Harbour promenade in Mönsterås

Mönsterås provides living and breathing space that is becoming scarce in large cities. The deep forests with their wildlife, berries and mushrooms, the rivers, the coastline with its 300 islands, are all available at a stone’s throw.

Mönsterås boasts a thriving social community, easy recognizable by the large amount of sporting clubs, events and music activities.

Attractive housing at favourable costs
The well in Pataholm

The square and old well in Pataholm

The municipality of Mönsterås, with its coastal area, living countryside and population centres, can offer attractive housing surroundings.

The small scale of the population centres has provided, and will provide, great opportunities for their people of attaining a high quality of life. You can shop, do your banking and utilize various forms of service, without parking problems or queuing.

The cost level for the various housing forms is advantageous, compared to the levels in larger population centres in Sweden.


The population centre Mönsterås, situated between the European Primary Route E22 and the Kalmarsund Strait, offers great opportunities for various forms of housing, also for those wanting a different home environment.


The inland, western population centre of the municipality is Fliseryd. With its nice location at the edge of the forest land in the Emån valley, living in Fliseryd provides many opportunities for recreation and leisure activities.

Blomstermåla and Ålem

Along primary route 34 and on the river Alsterån, in the Blomstermåla and Ålem population centres, there are many types of housing surroundings to select from. The proximity of the forests and the Alsterån provides many opportunities for recreation and leisure activities.

The various population centres have good communications, by road as well as rail, for travelling and commuting within the municipality and to/from the neighbouring municipalities.


To the south, and on the Kalmarsund Strait, lies the population centre of Timmernabben. Closest to the sea are the old housings, typical of coastal villages. The attractive location has made the village grow into a modern residential district with very attractive residential areas.

There is a constant demand for housing in Timmernabben, due to its location on commuting distance from Kalmar.

Beside the main stream

Besides the centres mentioned, there are numerous old village settlements inside the municipality, e.g. Pataholm, Tålebo, Södra Bäckebo, which, owing to their character of old rural culture, are a valuable contribution to the landscape.

The municipality actively promotes a living countryside and is positive to adapted housing development in these fine surroundings.

Last controlled: 2018-03-19.

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