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Runningtrack on Mönsterås sports arena

Running track at Mönsterås sports arena

The Leisure Office handles matters regarding societies, public sports arenas and other outdoors activity centers.

Mönsterås offers numerous different leisure activities for various tastes and interests. At present there are approximately 130 different associations.


For those who like jogging or cross country running, there are pre-arranged, lighted tracks in beautiful surroundings in each population centre in the municipality.


Canoeing in Alsterån

There are also three outdoor gyms, in Mönsterås, Blomstermåla and Timmernabben.

For exercise preferences there are gymnasiums and training facilities, which may be booked by ahtletics associations or for private organized training.


The water and rivers in the municipality are known for its great fishing opportunities.

Fliseryd has an angling club with its own angling camp. Their waters comprise of the Emån river and several lakes. Here you can catch pike, perch, salmon trout and salmon.

Along the coast, pike and perch are also caught, as well as salmon trout and flat fish.

For more information about fishing, read our fishing guide online or see


The municipality of Mönsterås is renowned for its marksmen. There are no less than six different shooting-clubs. Several of them can boast of having produced a number of Swedish Champions.

The clubs have comprehensive youth activities, and are always ready to welcome new members.


Sailing is a great interest in the municipality. Mönsterås, Timmernabben and Pataholm have yacht clubs arranging various events during the summer.

The Mönsterås region offers fine and varied canoeing waters. Choose between paddling in the beautiful archipelago or in one of the rivers, Emån or Alsterån.

Outdoor and indoor bathing

During Summer, the beaches attract both local population and tourists. At Oknö, Timmernabben and along the coast, there are several beaches, making it easy to find your own little bathing cove.

If you prefer lake bathing, the lake Skiren and the surrounding area is a great place for a bathing and fishing excursions.

Vattenpalatset has all the facilities associated with an up-to-date adventure bath, where you may swim freely or participate in water gymnastics or attend a swimming-school.

You can also work out in the well-equipped gym, or relax with your family in the pool.

For more information, please contact the Leisure Office on phone number 0499-179 85.

Last controlled: 2018-02-19.

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