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Water and sewage


Most homes in the Municipality of Mönsterås have municipal water and sewage. The town planning office supplies the building with fresh drinking water, and is responsible for the sewage lines.

Certain homes have their own well for fresh water. In such a case, it is important to regularly check that the water is fresh and clean and does not contain bacteria and other pollutants.

Water and sewage rates

The invoice for water and sewage comes every other month, along with the invoice for refuse collection.

The charge is based on an estimated usage every month. Once a year, we ask you to read the meter and report the actual usage to us.

There is also a basic fee, which you pay regardless of the water being let on in your home or switched off i.e. for the winter.

The annual basic fee for a single-family house is 2 781 SEK, and the consumption fee is 29,70 SEK per m3, including taxes. Please contact us for more information about our rates.

Leakages and clogged drains

The property owner is responsible for water leakage or clogged drains to the connection point where the property lines connect to the municipality lines, usually approx. half a meter from the property boundary.

If there is a problem within the property boundary, please contact a certified plumber. If problems after the connection point, you contact the municipality.

Things that do not belong in the sewage

There are many substances that the sewage plant can not purify. Therefore, it is very important that the sewages are used right, to make sure the substances do not affect nature or animal life.

Cigarettes, medicines, chemicals, nail polish, grease, hair or sanitary towels are examples of things that shall not be flushed down.


If you have any questions regarding the municipal water and sewage system, please contact the municipal water and sewage office on phone number +46 499 171 75.

If you have questions regarding your own well or sewage, please contact the municipal environmental office on phone number +46 499 171 52.

Last controlled: 2017-12-21.

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