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Domestic waste and recycling


The Municipality of Mönsterås is responsible for disposing all domestic waste. Every household has its own refuse container. The waste must be enfolded in sealed bags.

Curbside collection of domestic waste

Domestic waste is what is left after sorting packages and recycling other hazardous or electronic waste. The domestic waste bins are emptied every 14 days. For summer homes, the bins are emptied from mid May until mid September.

On the day of emptying, the bin shall be placed at a given place by the street at 06.00 pm, with the opening facing the street. Make sure there is at least one meter free space around the bin.

For more information about days of emptying, please contact the recycling centre Mörkeskog on phone number +46 499-178 80.

Sorting reduces the domestic waste

Sorting waste reduces the amount of domestic waste, and also takes care of the environment. Packages and wrappings of glass, cardboard, paper, metal and plastic are sorted by material and recycled in special receptacles at recycling stations.

There are 18 recycling stations in the Municipality of Mönsterås.






Matöppet, Nyemålavägen


Hembygdsgården, Kvarngatan






Konsum, Garvarevägen



Mörkeskogs avfallsanläggning

Johan Skyttes väg


Netto, Blanka Ängars väg


ICA Nära, Kyrkvägen






The recycling centre Mörkeskog

At the recycling centre Mörkeskog, you can drop off bulky refuse such as electronic waste, hazardous waste, building materials, garden refuse, batteries and lamps. Private households can leave up to 60 kg at a time free of charge.

You find the recycling centre Mörkeskog at a right turn off road 628 between Blomstermåla and Mönsterås, coming from east (E22). The visiting address is Mörkeskog 201, 383 92 Mönsterås.

The Mörkeskog recycling centre is open


7.00 – 18.00

Tuesday to Friday

7.00 – 16.00


8.00 – 14.00

Recycling and depositing in some grocery stores

There are also five collection points, Samlaren, for small hazardous or electronic waste, such as batteries, light bulbs, low energy light bulbs, electric toothbrushes, cell phones and more.

You find these collection points in five grocery stores:

  • COOP Konsum, Blomstermåla
  • COOP Konsum, Mönsterås
  • ICA Nära, Ålem
  • Tempo, Timmernabben
  • ICA Nära, Fliseryd

In Sweden, you also deposit cans in the grocery stores.

Domestic waste emptying rates

Size of waste bin

190 l

370 l

Basic fee, year around households

766 SEK

1038 SEK

Basic fee, summer homes (10 times)

660 SEK

872 SEK

Weight based fee

2,55 SEK/kg


If you have any questions regarding the municipal collection of domestic waste, recycling or rates, please contact the recycling centre Mörkeskog on phone number +46 499-178 80.

Last controlled: 2018-02-16.

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