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Housing & building

The archipelago of Mönsterås

The archipelago of Mönsterås

Mönsterås provides living and breathing space that is becoming scarce in large cities. The deep forests with their wildlife, berries and mushrooms, the rivers, the coastline with its 300 islands, are all available at a stone’s throw.

Mönsterås boasts a thriving social community, easy recognizable by the large amount of sporting clubs, events and music activities.

Attractive housing at favourable costs
Apartments and building sites in the harbour in Mönsterås

Apartments and building sites in the harbour in Mönsterås

The municipality of Mönsterås, with its coastal area, living countryside and population centres, can offer attractive housing surroundings.

The small scale of the population centres has provided, and will provide, great opportunities for their people of attaining a high quality of life. You can shop, do your banking and utilize various forms of service, without parking problems or queuing.

The cost level for the various housing forms is advantageous, compared to the levels in larger population centres in Sweden.

Lots for sale

The Planning and Building Office handle the sale of lots and property for construction of private homes, leisure time living and company buildings.

There are several available lots for sale in each population centre in the municipality, in the location of your choice – with the convenience of being near the city centre, schools and shopping, or more quietly by the coast or inland.

Building permits

You need a building permit for almost all construction or demolition work, or if you want to significantly change the use of a building.

A building permit is not required for certain minor building work, but many types of work still needs to be reported to the municipality before work starts.

In coastal areas, you may also need to apply for exemptions from shoreline protection rules. Installing a fire place, a new heating or taking down a tree may also need a permit.

The Planning and Building Office

The Planning and Building Office supply forms for building permits, notification of construction or demolition permits. They can also provide mapping documentation, and information about detailed planning and other regulations and guidelines.

Rulings on building permits and notifications of construction are normally made by the Planning and Building Committee. The processing period for building permits is normally 2-5 weeks.

The Environmental Office can assist you in questions regarding i.e. your own well or sewage, geothermal heating and radon in buildings.

Fees for permits, notifications and sanctions

Fees for permits, notification of construction and other permits are debited in accordance with a special tariff.

If you start a work without an approved building permit, report or notification, or if you use the building before a final inspection after the work is done, the municipality will charge a sanction fee.

Other types of housing

For more information about houses for sale, please contact a real estate agent. The municipal company Mönsterås bostäder offer apartments for long time rentings.

On the page Emigrate to Mönsterås, you find more information about the population centres and villages in Mönsterås.

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