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the stonewall

The stone wall of the Kronobäck Monastery Church Ruin

The Municipality of Mönsterås has the ambition to create a rich and varied cultural life for residents and visitors of all ages. The Cultural Office often co-operate with adult educational associations and non-profit associations, with arrangements and projects.


Mönsterås is a musical municipality, being the place where Carl Boberg wrote the famous hymn How Great Thou Art.

Mönsterås new library

The library in Mönsterås

Each year, a popular blues festival is arranged in Mönsterås. Several musicians and bands, such as The Quill, Mattias Enn and Tonix, come from the municipality.


The Kronobäck Monastery Church ruin, House of Modéer and heritage museums all tell exciting stories of the municipality history. 

Visit for more information about historic places to visit.

Library services

The Cultural Office is also responsible for the library services in the municipality. There is a main library in Mönsterås centre, and a smaller library in each population centre. There is also a library bus visiting the municipality a couple of times every year.

The libraries are meeting points and information centres, with books, computers and other media for use. As a resident in the municipality, you apply for a library card at any of the libraries – just bring your ID.

With a library card, you can also access the library database Library Press Display with daily newspapers on more than 50 different languages.

The library in Mönsterås, phone number 0499-172 05

The library in Ålem, phone number 0499-177 20

The library in Blomstermåla, phone number 0499-176 20

The library in Timmernabben, phone number 0499-177 90

The library in Fliseryd, phone number 0491-922 51

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Mönsterås kommun, Kvarngatan 2, Box 54, 383 22 Mönsterås, E-mail: Phone:+46(0)499-170 00 Fax:+46(0)499-179 00