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Elementary school

All six year olds are entitled to attend preschool classes. The education for children between seven and 16 years old is mandatory. 

All children are offered a place in a school in the nearby area according to the population registry.

The municipality also arrange school buses for children, when this is required due to i.e. long distance to school, the traffic situation or if a child is fysically impaired.

It is possible to choose to attend another school. In doing so, the right to school transportation disappears and the parents themselves must arrange for transport to and from school.

Elementary schools in the Municipality of Mönsterås:
  • Ljungnässkolan, Mönsterås, preschool classes to grade 6
  • Mölstadskolan, Mönsterås, preschool classes to grade 6
  • Parkskolan, Mönsterås, grades 7-9
  • Röda skola, Fliseryd, preschool classes to grade 2
  • Gula skolan, Fliseryd, grades 3-6
  • Krungårdsskolan, Blomstermåla, preschool classes to grade 9
  • Tillingeskolan, Timmernabben, preschool classes to grade 6
  • Skytteanska skolan, Ålem, preschool classes to grade 2
  • Tillingeskolan, Ålem, grades 3-6
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