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Childcare & Education

The Children and Education Office

Each population centre in Mönsterås municipality has its own school, child care system and leisure centre, from preschool to 6th grade. In Mönsterås and Blomstermåla there are primary schools for grade 7 to 9, and in Mönsterås also an upper secondary school.

All schools are under municipality rule, but there are private and cooperative child care organizers as well as municipal.

The Children and Education Office
The preschool Eken

Children playing at the preschool Eken in Mönsterås

The Children and Education Office handle matters concerning education, from preschool to upper secondary school. They also organize adult education, classes in Swedish for immigrants, the Music and Culture school and youth recreation centres.

Last controlled: 2017-09-06.

Mönsterås kommun, Kvarngatan 2, Box 54, 383 22 Mönsterås, E-mail: Phone:+46(0)499-170 00 Fax:+46(0)499-179 00